We need to talk about Jack

(Warning: This post will be loaded with pictures of a really cute dog.)

This is Jack.


He is a dog, but to be clear, that’s not the worst thing about him.  We were told he is some kind of pit bull mix, but to be honest, I’m starting to suspect he is just a straight up pit bull and the word “mix” was thrown in to make his adoption more likely.  Oh sure he looks cute and charming, but he is clearly a man eating machine.

Rumor has it he was turned into the local pound wearing a collar and leash while still holding the hand — and just the hand — of his previous owner.

And whether the rumor is true or not, the two things we know about Jack is that he loves to cuddle:


And he loves to destroy:

IMAG0362(Those are little balls of cotton from his latest toy.)

In that way he’s a lot like me.


He’s not allowed in my office, but I’ve got to tell you.  He managed to crawl through the cat door in this baby gate.  He puts his front paws through as far as they can go then turns his head sideways and uses his hind legs to push his stretched out body through.  I had to use a couple of zip ties to make it so the cat door only opened halfway.

Jack pushed himself through that little doorway about three times then, once inside, would whine and cry to have the gate opened.  He was apparently unaware that he could pass back out in exactly the same manner as he passed through on the way in.

He isn’t the brightest dog either, but that’s not the worst thing about him.

See Jack is timid.  We don’t know if it comes from his life on the street or some abuse/neglect from his past life, but he fears strangers.  When we met him he warmed to us right away.  In less than five minutes he was leaning on our legs and nuzzling our hands for pets.  It was so pronounced that Marissa and I figured the “timid” label given by the pound was a mistake.  Then we introduced him to friends and he started cowering and growling.  When a 50 pound dog growls at you, it’s scary.  So we’re working with him.  We’re introducing him to people slowly and carefully while taking him to the park to be around other dogs.  He’s in obedience classes.  After all, he is mighty hard not to love.



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