VR is here! And it’s pretty great

I haven’t bought a fancy Vive headset or Oculus Rift, but I did receive a Gear VR with my newest phone.  I was skeptical.  After all, it’s a $150 dollar piece of plastic that straps your phone to your face.  It turns out to be a pretty nice $150 dollar piece of plastic for strapping your phone to your face.  It has a nice ring of foam around the edges, adjustable straps to fit any head between the size of Marissa’s and mine, thick internal lenses, and some controls on the side.

It feels good and things look surprisingly good inside.  You quickly forget that you’re just looking at a phone, even if it does limit the graphics.

Which is why there is a video of Marissa freaking out floating around the web.  See, after doing all the standard VR things, like standing outside the coliseum at night, we decided to fire up the horror/mystery game Dead Secret.  The graphics aren’t great.  It’s a phone game, after all, but it doesn’t really matter.  With the headset on it’s plenty immersive.

You play as an investigative journalist who decides to visit the scene of what she believes to be a homicide.  Police ruled it a death of natural causes.  So, you take your notebook and travel alone to this little house where you believe a murder has happened.  Then, when the killer shows up, you don’t leave.  You decide you just have to figure it all out on your own.

So there you are, in a VR headset, roleplaying as an enormous idiot hunting for secrets while listening to the footsteps of the murderer in the next room.

I stopped playing about fifteen minutes in when a crow flying by the window startled me.  Marissa kept at it, eventually ripping the headset off with a chorus of curses when the killer started coming up the stairs at her.  But we returned and between the both of us finished the game.  I only screamed twice.

Here is the website for the game: http://robotinvader.com/deadsecret/

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