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VR is here! And it’s pretty great

I haven’t bought a fancy Vive headset or Oculus Rift, but I did receive a Gear VR with my newest phone.  I was skeptical.  After all, it’s a $150 dollar piece of plastic that straps your phone to your face.  It turns out to be a pretty nice $150 dollar piece of plastic for strapping your phone to your face.  It has a nice ring of foam around the edges, adjustable straps to fit any head between the size of Marissa’s and mine, thick internal lenses, and some controls on the side. It feels good and things look surprisingly good inside.  You quickly forget that you’re just looking at a phone, …

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Story and Art

Awhile ago I wrote this post about whether or not video games are art:   If you don’t have time to read it, let me summarize.  I’m of the opinion that video games are art since they are made up of components that are art (writing, drawing, music, etc.) The only part of a video game that is even open to the “what makes art” debate is the gameplay itself.  I still think gameplay could be art in itself, but I landed on the fence. I was thinking back on that post while I drove to downtown Indy the other day and realized that the same question could be asked …

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Vacation Reading – Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman Buy from Amazon | Buy from Half Price Books Marketplace I believe I’ve been pretty open about being a fan of Neil Gaiman, but in case I haven’t, I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman.  Keep that in mind as it will color this review. Trigger Warning is a short story collection all authored by Mr. Gaiman.  Some have been published in other collections while some are first published in this book.  The only thing that ties them together is weird subject matter.  It purports to be mostly horror stories, but I’ve found that most of the stories feel more like episodes of Twilight Zone than …

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Vacation Reading – Missoula

Dawson reviews the controversial, especially in Montana, book Missoula by Jon Krakauer which he is reading on his vacation. He also discusses writing and the way Marissa is watching his computer use.

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Memory Pressure Update

I thought I’d pop in and post a quick update on the status of my creative projects and subsequently my poor brain.  Since I posted my last blog I have brought three of my projects to decent pausing points. Kobold — an evolution of my Gnome project tracker, team management software — now has a mostly finished project module.  I’m now using it to manage it’s own bugs and features.  It’s now capable of tracking its own development. A humorous writing piece concerning the place of sex robots in modern society has been completed in rough draft form.  This is a good time to pause as I need to step back …

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D and Rissy Do Horror

I have more guilty pleasures than most people.  Oh sure, some people like eating bonbons and watching sappy movies or long baths followed by soft towels, but I prefer being scared spitless watching terrible, horribly violent fates befalling people.  I love a good horror film, and sometimes Marissa does too.  We go on horror kicks, but if you follow horror films you know that it is a genre littered with stinkers.  Anyone can make a horror film, and big studios figured out long ago that people would pay for even for the cheaply made stuff.  Found footage films dominated the last few years following The Blair Witch Project.  You can make …

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I’m Not Going to Wizard World

It’s no secret that Karen Gillan is my current celebrity crush.  Even my wife is well aware.  I tend to be a serial monogamist when it comes to celebrities, but my current crush is going on 3 years now.  (Don’t worry, my pastor informed me that serially monogamist celebrity crushes are ok, and his is on Emily Blunt.) Which is why I got unreasonably excited to find out that she’d be in Indianapolis today for Wizard World.  However, I just found out about this yesterday.  Too late to buy tickets, and even if I could get tickets they’re expensive and the autograph itself is expensive.  Sure it’d be totally awesome …

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Winter Reading

I rather enjoyed ripping into hard working writers and artists at the beginning of last month, so I thought I’d do it all over again.  My reading list is still a bit of a hodgepodge, but bear with me because that’s never going to change. Civil War Buy from Amazon | Buy from Half Price Books Marketplace Marvel’s event comics tend to be more miss than hit and Civil War is no exception.  It’s a series people love to hate on, and for good reason.  It’s littered with problems chief among them is the fact that basically every character is acting like a jerk. Marvel recently announced that the next …

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Fantasy Worlds

Sometimes I make myself sad.  (Ok, I make myself sad a lot, but that’s not really the point of this discussion.)  I got to thinking the other day about Middle-Earth.  Those of you who are huge nerds have had this problem before.  Middle-Earth is enormous.  It spans The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and has it’s own creation mythos in the Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, etc.  Tolkien spent the better part of his life building Middle-Earth.  He even took the time to create fictional languages — as was his academic interest.  In all honesty, this sounds like the work of a crazy person, but 50 years later people are still …

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Fall Reading

My fall reading list has been all over the place, but I want to comment on some of what I read.  Here are some reviews of all the books I’ve read in the last month and a half. Batman: Knightfall Buy from Amazon | Buy from Half Price Books Marketplace I’m almost certainly a bit late to the party with this one.  Knightfall is a comic collection bound and published together in 2012, but the comics themselves come out of the early 90s.  This shows both in the art style and appearance of some characters. Comic fans will tell you that Knightfall requires a bit of pre-reading to enjoy.  You …

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