J Lo and the Dresser

Dawson uses perception checking and “I” and “You” language to solve a conflict with J Lo. It doesn’t go quite as planned.

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A few of you have asked me what a blag is and why we’ve added blags to the OSMstudios wobsite infrastructure.  Well here is a brief rundown of terms: blag (n): A better kind of blog that you should definitely read. rhinophilosophy (n): The application of brute force to rational investigation of truths and principles of being, knowledge, and conduct. Of course, I cannot finish this post without adding: Thanks to xkcd.com.

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Hi, my name is Dawson Goodell and to your right is a rhino. At sometime in the far past it was grazing in a field, when someone saw it, liked it, shot it, and re-purposed it as a sign holder. This rhino and I have a lot in common.

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